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Eli Manning’s ‘athletic amnesia’ set him afar aboriginal on

September 26, 2012

No amount the sport, those who ambition to accomplish over a continued aeon of time accept to advance what I would alarm “athletic amnesia” — the adeptness to apprentice from one’s mistakes at the aforementioned time you abstain the brainy and affecting backfire than can appear if you yield those mistakes to heart?too often. In the NFL, quarterbacks and cornerbacks absolutely accept to accept that absent-mindedness — if you bandy a pick, or if you get austere by a receiver, you accept to stick that in your aback abridged and move on. The bold moves far too quickly; if you’re active pouting, it will canyon you by.

In his aboriginal postseason MMQB cavalcade of 2012,’s ?Peter King looks aback through a 10-year history of aloof notes, bold recaps, and quotes from the man himself in an attack to get to the affection of Eli Manning’s character. What is it about this accurate quarterback that drives him to appear up big in the bigger moments, if those with even added aptitude than his will falter beneath pressure?

As King recalls, you can trace the “clutchiness” aback to a 2002 bold amid Eli’s Ole Miss aggregation and Jason Campbell’s heavily advantaged Auburn Tigers.

A brace of canicule later, [New York Giants then-GM Ernie] Accorsi types his address in all basic belletrist to be submitted as allotment of the team’s aloof address on Manning. In a area of the address accoutrement the additional half, he writes: “NEVER GETS RATTLED. RALLIED HIS TEAM FROM A 14-3 HALFTIME DEFICIT BASICALLY ALL BY HIMSELF. LED THEM ON TWO SUCCESSIVE THIRD QUARTER DRIVES TO GO AHEAD, 17-16. THE FIRST TOUCHDOWN, ON A 40-YARD STREAK DOWN THE LEFT SIDELINE, HE DROPPED THE BALL OVER THE RECEIVER’S RIGHT SHOULDER. CALLED THE NEXT TOUCHDOWN PASS HIMSELF, CHECKING OFF TO A 12-YARD SLANT. MAKES A LOT OF DECISIONS ON PLAY CALLS AT THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE.”

That was the aboriginal clue for the Giants. In the aforementioned way that Bill Walsh leaned adequately heavily on a alternation of Notre Dame improvement victories in 1978 if evaluating Joe Montana, Accorsi knew the accent of this game. Clearly, it factored heavily in the Giants’ accommodation to barter up with the San Diego Chargers in the 2004 abstract and accomplish Eli their future. He didn’t affliction what had happened afore to put him in that aperture — all the adolescent quarterback was cerebration about was how to appropriate the ship.

Fast-forward in King’s section to Eli’s amateur year, and a nationally televised bold adjoin the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a adolescent first-year quarterback called Ben Roethlisberger. Eli was advancing off a alternation of adverse games, abnormally a accident to the Baltimore Ravens in which the Ravens fabricated him attending like a top academy backup.

Did Eli pout? Nope. Did he exhausted himself up publicly, as some of your dumber coaches would adopt their players do if they spiral up? Not at all.

Two hours afterwards the Ravens game, Eli had angry on the absent-mindedness for aggregate but the things that would acquiesce him to learn.

On the two-hour ride to Newark, Manning batten with Gilbride and then-offensive coordinator John Hufnagel. Rather than sulk about the adverse bold he’d played, he told them his eight admired plays. He told them, “If you could put these in the bold plan next week, it’d accord me eight plays I’d be adequate with — accent plays, plays I apperceive I’d accept an accessible receiver even if it was just a abbreviate gain.”

Notable that Manning could anticipate about the next bold 90 account afterwards the a lot of awkward bold of his life. “I was down, absolutely down,” he said. “But I knew if we could put some plays in the plan for the next anniversary that I liked, I’d feel bigger about it — and the breach would see in convenance we’d be able to move the ball.”

The Giants absent a 33-30 abstruseness that day, but that’s area it absolutely started. And that’s why Eli Manning is able to aught in if the moment demands it. He keeps just abundant from his mistakes to apprentice from them, and he throws the blow abroad to abstain all that baggage.


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